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The failures of improper window and stucco installations since the 1990 have been well documented. Elaborate roof drainage patterns, inadequate stucco thickness, missing or incorrect window flashings, failure to follow Building Codes, lack of Inspection activity and low-quality window choices all contributed to the numerous failures. Repairs may include removal and replacement of all the stucco, some wall floor or roof structures, some or all windows and building insulation. The work is coordinated with consulting engineers who can provide testing, field input and a final Report of Repairs for the Owners’ records and future disclosure.


This process includes the installation of a new stucco finish over the existing. Blemishes in the existing stucco are first repaired or prepped. All the stucco surfaces on the residence receive a new finish with a new texture and a new color as desired. The result is a like-new appearance that will last for decades.


This process is typically reserved for new construction, substantive remodeling or building additions. When the exterior is ready for stucco cladding we install new paper, flashing and metal lath. After the application of the Portland cement scratch and brown coats, a new finish coat, either cement or acrylic will be installed to complete the project.


This work involves the installation of new stone veneers and the repair of existing stone features. New stone work can be as extensive as an entire residence or the strategic placement of stone accents to complement a stucco installation. Stone choices are plentiful and blends can be created to add interest. Accompanying sills, mantels, keystones, plaques and other complementary items provide infinite possibilities.


When a stucco surface has been painted or otherwise coated with a material that will not permit the proper adherence for a new stucco finish, the existing material is removed through a sandblasting process. For the typical residence, it is a noisy and dusty process and usually completed in one day. The sandblaster pulls his own Permit, works off of our scaffolding and coordinates with the City in which he is working. He conducts a progress cleanup of his work. The remainder of his material is removed at final cleaning.


The filling of voids caused by alterations to the existing structure such as electrical, mechanical or insulation activities. Re-establishing stucco where air conditioners, coal chutes, ice doors or other fixtures have been removed or altered. Properly installing stucco around new windows where size reductions are involved.


This work usually involves the removal of a failed installation, the repair of storm or impact damage or stucco failure caused by water infiltration. Very similar to new stucco activities with the added elements of stucco removal and potential repairs to the underlying wall structures. Failures tend to be associated with deferred maintenance of window sills, window trim and leaking roofs.


This work is usually brought to our attention because a stucco coating over above-grade foundation block may be cracking or loose. While the typical repair involves the installation of metal lath and new stucco, we sometimes find failing, crumbling concrete block units and rotted rim joists which are embedded in the blockwork. Age, moisture, low elevations and resultant freeze/thaw cycles all have a part in the degradation of the materials. The solution is to remove the damaged blocks and install new, filling cores with concrete and tieing the new block to the existing with reinforcing steel.

“Smith Cole Stucco and Stone have been an impressive organization to work with over the past few months. They were responsive to our request for proposal; coming on site and explaining the steps they would take to address potential issues. Establishing agreed upon dates for work and sticking to them. Reducing their fees when it was determined that our situation was not as severe as was originally forecast by the original moisture inspection. Completing their contracted work in a timely and satisfying manner. We highly recommend Smith Cole to others whose homes require repair and improvement to their stucco exteriors.”


Bev and I would like to express our gratitude for the great stucco work you did on our home. The emotional roller coaster we went through after signing a purchase agreement to sell our home only to find that we were looking at a significant cost for moisture remediation was disheatening. After receiving the bids and interviewing two genral contractors, it was clear that Smith Cole Stucco & Stone would be our choice. The contract you provided was well thought out, fair and by our preference conservative. Your explanation of the process was flawless and prepared us for the next couple of weeks of stucco removal, framing repairs, window wrapping, flashing replacement, and the final new coat of stucco. We were especially pleased with your disciplined schedule of in person updates which resulted in no unpleasant surprises. When it was all said and done the home looks great, the new owners are very pleased, and what is often unheard of, you came 10% below your initial estimate. Lance and Aaron our personal experience with you and your crews have put Smith Cole Stucco & Stone at the top of my list. Thank you very much!
Pat & Bev Bradley